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Paula A Kuhn is the founder, owner and operator of Studio 10.


Paula is a professional State Certified Interior Designer, and a current and active member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID.)  

She consistently strives to create beautiful interiors for her clients, and on each project -- from inception to final installation -- she gives her utmost dedication and commitment.  She believes that each client deserves quality service, as well as flexibility of design, in order to achieve a custom dream interior.  She has often said to clients that . . .

"A perfect decor begins in your heart, 

speaks to your soul, and 

leaves a lasting impression.



Paula prides herself on client services and her specialty is in the personal management of a project.  She develops a one-on-one partnership with each client, as she coordinates their project from the very start. The finished product is a combination of the clients requests and the need for functionality, done with creativity and a designer's touch. Her expertise for bringing focus to design results in projects completed within budget and with client satisfaction.


Paula Kuhn is a state certified professional designer with more than 20 years experience in residential and commercial projects. Her experience with a wide range of properties in the Conroe area gives her an understanding of the sometimes unique challenges of lakefront homes and the wide variety of lifestyle choices such an area can offer. Because of her love for design, she often shares her experience through seminars and workshops. Her retail studio offers unique design accessories and window treatments, and a resource library of fabric and wallpaper selections.  







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