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Personal Services


Here at Studio 10, we have a wealth of experience in lifestyle enhancement.  Studio 10 is select, discreet, unfailingly earnest in our efforts, and dedicated to our mission of serving you, our client.     We know that tedious tasks executed with efficiency and effectiveness make all the difference. 


MANAGEMENT -- Many homeowners and businesses want to move ahead with interior design upgrades, new stylish improvements as well as eco-friendly spaces, but things about their busy schedule make them worry about how the process may cause a discuption to their daily routine.  On the contrary, STUDIO 10 has services to offer -- with the busy client in mind -- that prevent any such inconvenience.

"Let me help you take the headaches out of the decorating process, with an affordable, timesaving design process" says Paula A. Kuhn, owner and designer. "We can breing great design solutions directly to you."  Think of us as another set of hands, as we serve as your "gatekeeper" and allow you to maintain the normalcy of your daily life during the duration of the project.



EVENT PLANNING -- Whether it is a gathering of friends for a special occasion, or a business meeting of high priority, the planning can be a complicated process. 

We can assist you with all of the details to make your ceremony, party or private function a resounding and stylish success.  From the development of a theme or motif, all the way through arranging decor, tables, chairs, tents, parking and cleanup, you will find that our assistance adds to your own enjoyment of the event.  Our capable staff is available for many jobs including budgeting, establishing dates, reserving sites, acquiring permits, and coordinating caterers, florists, and entertainment.



DAILY LIFE EFFICIENCY --  This service runs on the most basic of premises Reduce Stress and Increase Productivity, allowing you to live your life.  Here at Studio 10, we know that tedious tasks executed with efficiency and effectiveness make all the difference.  Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the number or complexity of projects you have that need to be completed at work or at home each? Let us assist you, by offering a highly-valued gift of time and convenience, while reducing stress.  We can increase productivity, fulfilling your request anytime, anywhere.  

Who Benefits From A Professional Personal Assistant?

*Busy Professionals


*Self employed Business Owners

*Busy Families - Single Parents - New Parents

*New Movers



Challenge Us with the Ordinary to the Extraordinary!

A List of a Few of Services Rendered to fit your needs:

*Shopping -- Gift Purchases, Personal Products, Household/Office/Party Supplies

*Home Staging for Guest or Returning Traveler -- Fresh Touchup of beautiful plants and flowers, Clean Sheets, Stock Frig.

*General Errands -- Pharmacy, Bank, Postal, Dry Cleaning

*Reservations/Research Assistance -- Dinner, Book Event Tickets, Spa Arrangements, Etc.

*Home Management While You are Away -- Check Perimeter of Property, Secure Doors and Windows, Water Plants, Bring in Mail-Papers- Etc., Rotate Lights, Adjust Shades/blinds

*Moving/Relocation Services -- Sorting, Organizing, Staging

*Event Planning -- Make Arrangements Office or Home

Take a deep breath You have found assistance in STUDIO 10.


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