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Studio "10" Can Focus on Mood

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When walking into your home what do your guests see? 

The entry way is the first and last room your guest will encounter. What is the feeling that you would like to portray to one entering into your space? Everyone is different, so no two entry ways should be the same, and yours should be a reflection of who you are.

Key Benefits

  • Gives a good first impression of who you are

  • Sets the mood for your space

  • Creates a warm and inviting environment



When coming home from work or school most individuals spend most of their time in the Family and Living rooms. These spaces should feel comfortable and welcoming, as well as stylish for when guests are present. But above all this, these spaces should reflect you.

Key Benefits

  • Reflection of your tastes

  • Give off feeling of comfort

  • Place for gathering and entertaining



Preparing and indulging in delicacies needs the right mood and lighting. By accentuating specific areas and focal points, even an outdated kitchen can rival a state-of-the-art one, without the expense of rebuilding.

Key Benefits

  • Proper lighting can increase usability 

  • Accents can set the mood for entertaining

  • Efficient use of space can increase storage



The bedroom should be a place of sanctuary and complete relaxation, while expressing your personality.  These spaces are the first and the last that you see everyday and should be relaxing -- creating the mood of peacefulness and serenity -- in order to calm thoughts, stress, and worries from the day.

Key Benefits

  • Should be relaxing

  • Calming and comforting atmosphere

  • Pleasant surroundings